Monday, January 14, 2013

A Finish and a New Start

 Hello all.  As you can see, I managed to get some stitching in this weekend.  This is my first finish of 2013 and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  It's stitched on 14 count plastic canvas using three strands of thread.  I'm going to turn it into a bookmark for my boyfriend and he just loves it.  This pattern is from Dork Stitch and is available there for free.

  I got a nice surprise when I picked up the mail after work.  My sulky metallics arrived today!  I was waiting to start Literate Dragon (from Heaven and Earth Designs) because I wanted to grid first.  So I pulled out my fabby as soon as I got in the door and got to work.  I finished gridding the page and even got some stitching in.  I completed 103 stitches of the 7840 on the page.  My stitchy bug is really biting right now and I wish I could do more, but my new job is a 45 minute commute so I have to be out of bed super early.  Looking forward to getting home tomorrow so I can tackle it once more.


  1. Congratulations on your finish! It really looks great! Your gridding looks really nice. I like watching so many people stitching Literate Dragon (not me).

  2. This was my favorite pattern to make. Great job!


  3. I love your Mario bookmark! I can tell I'm going to need one now too...


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