Friday, January 11, 2013

January TUSAL!

I noticed a lot of other ladies participating in the TUSAL (that's Totally Useless Stitch Along) so I decided I might as well join in too.  I already save my ORTs so it will just be a matter of posting a picture once a month.  And it encourages me to stitch a lot so that I have lots of pretty colours to show off.  If you don't know about TUSAL and would like to learn more check out out this post at DaffyCat's blog.

This is my ORT jar from last year.  I emptied it on January first.  I only started saving in October so this is just three months worth of thread.

And here's my TUSAL for January.  I think I did pretty well considering this is only from January 1st until today.  Hopefully I will have a lot more in there by the time February rolls around.


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  1. You've been stitching a lot already! What a beautiful jar full of ORTs from last year. Thank you for commenting on my blog about my dad's gift.


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